'Lean For Life' is a complete plan, based entirely on diet and lifestyle factors. This program represents the culmination of my lifelong passion for nutrition and my search to find the ways to maintain health & wellness naturally.

My interest in skin and nutrition goes back to the years I spent in Adelaide, Australia. Here I discovered that what one ate had a huge impact not only on weight but also, the appearance of skin. It eventually led me to study preventative medicines and become a nutritionist. Further to enhance my passion on nutrition, I was introduced to macrobiotics which was a unique approach to healthy eating as it recognizes that every food has its own living energy and that this energy influences the life-force within us..

As a macrobiotics health coach I got a great foundation to explore the link between the appearance of a person's skin and their general health. I have worked together with leading hospitals, institutions, education societies and private consultations to provide health plans which could be practiced lifelong for ultimate healing. These holistic plans prevent lifestyle induced diseases and help slow ageing process as the foods we eat is one of the primary influences we have on our health.

ND, Nutritionist,
Macrobiotic Health
Coach (UK)